**** Songs for the Dead #1 and #2

As our story begins, we meet Bethany, a drifter with a hero complex who finds herself in the town of Llyne in search of someone in need. She finds her mission in the name of Emory Van Craggan, a fifteen-year-old boy who went missing while fetching supplies for his family from an adjacent village.

Despite the warning of bandits potentially being involved in his disappearance, Bethany embarks alone on an adventure, hoping to rescue the ill-fated boy. What resistance will she find in her quest? What will be the fate of young Emory? And, perhaps most important, how will Bethany’s powers of necromancy affect her journey into the unfamiliar?

So these are books that I bought at TCAF last may and just got around to reading this week-end. Songs for the Deads is essentially the story of a necromancer who wants to be a hero and prove that necromancers can be good people, and her travelling companion, a mercenary with a troubled past.

I bought the two first chapters of this comic based on this blurb alone (and the beautiful covers, let’s be honest.) It’s actually a very charming comic. Despite the violence inherent to the setting (one of the main characters is a necromancer; you sort of expect plenty of people to be dead), it’s a very fun read.

Bethany is just such a charming character that we can’t help but root for her, and want her to suceed in her quest to make people realize that there can be more to necromancers. But it seems like the deck is stacked against her; chapter two introduces a mysterious group of inquisition-esque knights who seem to hunt necromancers… Making us wonder just what sort of backstory there might be in this fantasy world that would put such a price on those caster’s head, and make everyone else so afraid of them. (You know, beyond the usual.)

The art is also very beautiful. In fact, I think that what brought me to come close enough to the artists’ table at TCAF in the first place was the cover of the second chapter, featuring mysterious mercenary Elissar.

That’s a woman I want to know more about!

All in all, a very intriguing start to a fun story, and I can’t wait to see where this all goes next. I look forward to picking up the next issues in the series at TCAF 2019, and adding more signed issues to my collection!

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