***** Moonlight, a Queer Werewolf Anthology edited by Bones McKay


Moonlight is an anthology of short stories and comics about queer werewolves, by queer creators. The collection spans genres, settings, and identities. From the wild west to the surface of the moon, this anthology has you covered.

There are some combinations of words that just make great subtitles. « A Queer Werewolf Anthology » is just pure gold. And the book that comes with that title delivers on every promise made by the cover.

There are dinguses werewolves on a date to the mall. A werewolf on the moon. Cowboy werewolves. And obviously my favourite, a story of two trans besties that is entirely inked in the colours of the ace flag. (I see what you did there, Bones McKay and Ursula Gray, and I appreciate it. It’s always hard to show ace relationships in a short story without just coming out and saying it. That use of colour was a genius move.)

Like all good anthologies, some stories are heavier and some are lighter, without the overall experience of the book feeling unbalanced. All of the authors and artist chosen for the anthology are obviously masters at their crafts, able to deliver vibrant stories with heart and personnality in just a few short words and panels.

I’m not usually a huge fan of mixing prose stories along with comic stories. The reading experience and level of involvement between a comic and prose feel drastically different, that when I’m in the mood for one I can’t easily switch for the other. It makes for a different rhythm when reading, with the prose stories slowing me down. Not to say that they weren’t excellent! But I wish that some of them had been comics themselves, or at least had a « cover » illustration to go with them.

Overall, « Moonlight » is a great read, and just what I needed to cheer me up this week.

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