About Me




I am a graphic designer who lives in Quebec, and who really loves books, comics and dragons. I’ve been reviewing books for fun on my tumblr since 2015, and have now decided to have a separate website just for it.

I review mostly SFF books and comics, but I have been known to pick up everything from historical romances to non-fiction on occasion. I also read both in french and in english, but all my reviews will be in english.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on twitter!


Scale Hearts 1: The Blood Prince 

Four years after a revolution replaced a monarchy of dragons with a dictatorship of humans, the country of Rainbow is in open rebellion again. Rebels wants to topple the Empress Gawa, a northerner who took their land but kept none of her promises. The fallen prince Gangav, who wants nothing more than to punish those who have betrayed him, rallies both humans and dragons to his cause. At his side are his old friend Sasha and newcomer Alexander Minnow, who thinks that revolutions are a stupid idea. But nothing is as simple as it seems, and the sudden outbreak of a new illness threatens the safety of the rebels and the discovery of their hidden city.

Main characters:

  • Gangav, a dragon prince with a foul temper and a loud mouth;
  • Sasha, a school teacher who is angry all the time and wants in to that revolution business;
  • Alex, who is in love with Sasha and wants OUT of that revolution business.


* didn’t like it
** meh
*** good
**** great, would recommend to a friend
***** favorite, would reread