As a modern graphic designer and self-publishing author, I have made sure that you can find me at many places on the internet!

My twitter is where I talk about my rabbit, my book, and also do stuff like livetweet building my own 3D printer.

I now have an Instagram! Look at me I’m young and hip

If you want to see my latest graphic design project, as well as hear official announcements about my book, what you’re looking for is my blog! 

For the books for which I haven’t written a full review yet but have still rated, look up my Goodreads page! I don’t bite, and I always welcome other people’s opinions!

Please don’t talk to me on Facebook.

My website is the most official place to find me at. It is both my online portfolio as well as soon being my author website.

I’m also on Reedsy and Nanowrimo, if that is a thing that you do.