Do you want to submit your book to be reviewed by Marie Does Book Reviews? It’s easy!

Just send your ebook in epub format to and I will get back to you! Keep in mind that an image of the cover attached to the body of the email will always go a long way because I’m a graphic designer and I judge books by their covers, that’s just who I am.

NOTE that I will not accept nor review all the books that are sent to me. I reserve the right to choose which books I review and when. It might take a while to get around to yours.

My review policy regarding negative reviews for submitted books is that if I do not enjoy the book after three chapters, I contact the author and ask them if they would still like me to go ahead, keep reading and then post an honest review (I might still find something to love later on!) or if I should stop reading althogether.

I have no qualms about posting negative (honest) reviews about books I’ve purchased and have not been approached by the author to review.

Only science-fiction, fantasy or comic books are accepted at this time. I especially welcome books in those genre with queer content.

I do not accept heavily christian books, horror, and covid-19 stories. I do not have an amazon e-reader device and literally cannot read mobis.

Thank you.